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my personal 24 ...

Song of the Day: Brand New - Sowing Season (Yeah)

It's been a sucky sucky week, so the posts are few and far between...

From this deep sleep I've been encapsulated in, there was an incident tonight where I laughed so uncontrollably that I injured myself. After a mentally frustrating day, I wanted to let some steam off at the gym. So I go about my usual routine where I saunter into facility keeping to myself and head directly to the change room , then to the upper workout area. I've noticed in the past that if I make eye contact with people there, they totally think you are some weirdo. Sooo screw it, I'm not talking to anyone.

Even though, I've probably watched like one episode of 24, I can see a little Jack Bauer in everyone. So here's my feeble attempt of reliving an uneventful moment 24-styles yo.

Minute 1: I flip glance at the selection of televisions screens, and slowly deliberating which would win the attention of my exhausted eyes. I usually catch up on sports news at this time, so it's basically mindless entertainment.

Minute 8: Probably the point where I develop the classic V-shape sweat outline around the lower back.

Minute 11: Once the show cuts to its first commercial, I usually fiddle with the knobs on the machine to switch the audio channels to a radio station. I tend to resort to the hip-hop variety channel, where if you're lucky you'll hear a catchy tune to get you through the 2 or 3 minute commercial.

Minute 15: My left knee usually tells body to stop, but my brain has All-Star attorney, Johnnie Cochran, working the case. So, brain wins and knee is forced to writhe in pain and pay alimony.

Minute 20: I usually look around to find out where this smell is coming from.

Minute 21: I discover that the rotting vinegar smell is in fact coming from me.

Minute 23: This usually the time where commercials come into play again, but this particular part, I leave the audio knob alone and listen to the commercial... Tonight's commercial of choice is a Rogers Wireless communications advertisement promoting the new Sony 3.2 MP camera phone. Nothing out of the ordinary right? Wrong! The cardboard cutout happens to be a guy I know from first year university residence. I think, now correct me if I'm wrong, the best Virtua Tennis player for the Dreamcast on Animal. I was so shocked and taken away that I fell off the machine, consequently hurting my elbow. Way to go Tomlin!

Minute 24: I get back on the machine and continue like a champ...

Anyways, here's the commercial that tossed me like a rag doll onto the concrete...

xend transmissionx

“my personal 24 ...”