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Graduated with a BBA, Noble ETA, GPA like a 3.7, but I'm easy hey ...

Song of the Day: Shad K - Music Is the Muscle

"Music is the muscle, used for revolution, in this cut throat confusion, where corrupt folks hustle" - Shad K

I was doing some serious surfing today and found that Time Magazine has compiled a list of All Time 100 Albums. Granted, Time wouldn't be the first publication I would resort to for such things as music, but it's interesting to see the perspectives of their writers and researchers. I'm sure they did their research into the matter and covered as many bases as possible (they even broke down the albums by decade).

Now everyone is going to have an opinion on who should or shouldn't make the list, but the fact of the matter is (I dare not tell - Ron) there's gotta be some sort of guideline for lists. The one thing that bothers me about this is that from the 1990s and 2000s, there are four greatest hits albums that made the list. Should"Greatest Hits" albums make the list? I mean, these compilations are a collection of work from an artist that spans a lifetime of work. How can that qualify for a top album of 1990 or 2000? The concept of a "Greatest Hits" album in this scenario puts an unfair advantage to said album versus original releases. It's me being fussy about lists. This list just seems silly to me.

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“Graduated with a BBA, Noble ETA, GPA like a 3.7, but I'm easy hey ...”