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Dwight vs. Gareth

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Contrary to other popular belief, I actually like the television series, The Office (US). Though, the brainchild of Ricky Gervais and origination for UK syndication, it made it's way here to North America. From watching the UK series, I wasn't totally won over by the characters, though I thought it was a good show. A couple of years later, I was beguiled to watching at least one episode and the rest is history. I think I just polished back watching the first season of the US version.

One of the characters that I find much more amusing in the US version is good ole' Dwight Schrute, self-proclaimed assistant branch manager, but really he's assistant TO the branch manager. His character is paralleled to Gareth Keenan. Both are hilarious in their own ways, though Dwight makes me laugh because of his anal retentiveness whereas I just feel sorry for Gareth being so frail. Which one do you like more and why?

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“Dwight vs. Gareth”

  1. Blogger Smike Says:

    Me and Dawson we're having this exact conversation on Thursday night. We were watching the Office and talking about the differences between the 2 versions and especially how Rainn Wilson has taken the Dwight Character and made it his own especially with the big shadow to fill in Gareth (Gareth Kennan investigates?)and How Steve Carrel has taken his character and turned it into something more painful and less likeable then Gervais's

  2. Blogger Henry Says:

    Hmmm... I pretty much think the opposite way of Smike. I think the Gareth character is lacking in so many ways, especially when compared to Dwight, there was no "shadow to fill" (in my opinion). Also, I find that Gervais's character is a total d-bag, far more awkward than Michael. The US 'Pam' is way cuter, the chemistry between Jim and Pam is far better in the US show, and the US 'Packer' is way more obnoxious. I will only give the UK show the 'Roy' character, and really, who cares about him anyways?

    And just to show that I am a true Dwight fan, Hung: its "regional" manager, not "branch".

    Peace, out.

  3. Blogger Smike Says:

    You have to look at the fact that the Uk version had 13 episodes to develop the characters and the Us has already had over 20 episodes. More of a shot in time in the UK one