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The 'Duped' part Deux!

Song of the Day: Brand New - Sowing Season (Yeah)

This month has definitely has has its run of deja vu moments. Remember that tirade I had about bands not playing when their supposed to? Well, guess what. it happened again! This time not as bad as the first because I wasn't really set out on seeing the show anyways. The show/band that I was set on seeing this past Friday night was none other than Waterloo's own The Sourkeys. I had pulled out the local entertainment magazine located at any pub/bar and noticed that the 'keys were coming to Sneaky Dees for their CD release party. A friend of mine and I happen to be really close by, so we decided to the march on over and check out the rock that has kept KW hipsters shaken and stirred for some time now. To my amazement, when I walked into the double doors, I noticed a sharpie-scribbled list of bands playing that night - none of which included The Sourkeys. I remember thinking to myself 'man, this can't be happening'. So to calm the nerves, what better way than to nestle around a nice cold pint and some fire-y burritos (the answer would be 'nothing')? After a few laughs, we decided to head upstairs once more just to make sure that we weren't initially wrong but the results were the same.

For me, this was a last-minute, so I didn't really have much vested in wanting to see them, but I can imagine some of the folks who were planning on seeing them must have been pretty irked. Bands have got to stop doing this. It's hard enough to get people out to shows. Don't let down what fans you do have with untimely 'no shows'. I'm sure there were some unforeseen circumstances that were at hand, as I can't see why they wouldn't want to showcase their new release, the Spectacle, which is pretty darn good.

In conclusion, don't put added 'Sour' in the Sourkeys. Let the candy do the work.

xend transmissionx

“The 'Duped' part Deux!”

  1. Blogger onemanbland Says:

    just to speak up on behalf of the sourboys, the venue (sneaky's) double-booked that night, so in reality, they kind of got the short end of the stick.


    hi, by the way. haha.
    i'm just lurking at work... you know how it is. hope all is well.

  2. Blogger .::Hung::. Says:

    hey! a local celeb!

    Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again. I'm looking forward to seeing an Arrows show soon.

    happy holidays.