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Do you want to drink some alcohol?

Song of the Day: Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS) - Let's make Love and Listen Death from Above

First off, shout out out out out goes to H-Dawg and Ms. Stokes for their respective birthdays. Man, I know a bunch of people who have overlapping in the month of November. I guess I should give a shout to Kerni and PaulG as well.

Okay, back to business... Has anyone noticed how "edge-y" the competitions from the third season of Kenny vs Spenny is compared to previous years? Have they tapped into the offensive and insane world of Japanese entertainment? If so, have I cited something here?

I can't wait for episode 8! Who will be eating more celery, haha? The season so far is great! Keep up the great work boys!

xend transmissionx

“Do you want to drink some alcohol?”