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And the theme of the day is ... Dragon______

Song of the Day: The Rapture - The Devil

Don't you love it when things happen that just seem so coincidental that it might just be something more than an accident? Even though there isn't much of a connection except for the word 'dragon', I thought it was kinda cool.

Anyways, I happen to catch a CBC show called Dragon's Den. It's a pretty cool show that let's you take a sneak peak into the world of angel investors and how inventions or small businesses are taken to the next level. It's akin to some of my classes while in school and I enjoyed working on presentations like these. So the show consists of a panel of five wealthy Canadian investors (their bios here) who are looking to take prospective ideas to market. Inventors and business owners take this opportunity for investment money and industry expertise. The show is pretty cool and so far, inventors and business owners from the London Ontario region are representin' with great ideas and investor buy in! The show is on Wednesdays at 8PM EST. Definitely check it out.

The other "Dragon"-related object of my attention is this super metal band Dragon Force. Imagine all the glitz and glamour of The Darkness + shreddin' of Eddie Van Halen + hair of Type-O-negative + the showmanship of Andrew WK. This band rocks - hands down! Check out the video I posted at the below. Oh and wait for it ... there's a picture-in-picture guitarmony/dueling solos! Oh yes, welcome back 1986!

xend transmissionx

“And the theme of the day is ... Dragon______”