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This is hitch hikin' music...

Song of the Day: Classified - 5th Element

The Music that'll pick you up...

Not since Kanye West's debut disk have I actually listened to a full rap album. Sure, I've probably bought or downloaded a few, but I don't think I could have the patience to sit through the same regurgitation song after song (money, cash, hoes, holla etc...). But a recent Much Vibe interview alongside a showcase on
Going Coastal (one of the few Much Music programs I can stomach), I've come to find an awesome DIY rapper North of the Maritime City of Halifax in the town of Enfield. It's astonishing to see a rapper who is as grounded as this guy is. The proof is in the pudding. His lyrics tell it like it is. Sure, there's a bunch of press about him as of late. He just dropped a new record not so long ago. But be sure to believe the hype. His beats are original and his lyrics are pretty solid and he's got something different to say.

I don't want to write him off as good just because he's Canadian. Even hip-hop acts from South of the border isn't able to keep my attention for more than a radio-hyped single. The dawn of the MP3 era has totally changed focus of the album to the single. If you can write a hit song and get a quick cash grab from it, then why not? Your star/celebrity status only lasts for fifteen minutes anyways, right? So to hear a solid full length album in this day and age that can captivate the attention of a non hip-hop head is pretty good. So good that I went out to buy two of his disks and I didn't even get the best one, though the two I got are amazing regardless. I mean who can sell out a crowd in Stratford, Ontario?!?! Hands down, sold me on this new and emerging (to me at least) artist/producer/manager. Seriously, get over the stigma that "rap can't be credible if it's coming from Canada" nonsense and have a listen. Classified wants you to believe the hype.
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“This is hitch hikin' music...”