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sneezing and wheezing

Song of the Day: Classified - Unexplainable Hunger [remix]

Man, this week has been filled with Oktoberfest overflow, which equates to a slumbering sickness. I took three days off of work to rest my head. Funny thing is, I was sober most of celebration. I took it easy and I still got sick. Aiyaa! Oh, and props to the schnitzel. This stuff is off the chain! Oh and my complaint with Oktoberfest is that some of the venues need to turn the lights off in their halls. It's constantly like 2:00 am "Ho time"/"last call time", which is the worst part about drinking in the bars in the first place, so cut that sh*t out man!

Alright, back to the sickness... So with 12+ hours of sleep a day, I was able to finish "Killing Yourself to Live" by
Chuck Klosterman. This guy is emo, but not your sappy, booh oo me emo, the kind who writes funny retrospective shit that's fun to read. KYTL is much like Nick Hornby's "High Fidelity". Chuck even pokes fun of himself regarding this. I thought that the book was so entertaining that I ran out and got "Chuck Klosterman IV: A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas". Can't wait to read his short stories and interviews with celebrities and such. I think I only have one more book after this one to finish reading all his stuff. It's good to be able to sit down and leisurely read.

I think Chuck would be a cool guy to meet/hang out with sometime. I would either buy lots of narcotia just to get him to mellow out. I think he'd be a totally nervous and agitated to meet one of his fans. But after that, what could we possibly do? I mean, who takes a pop culture critic to do anything without him basically critiquing something. Imagine going to a rock show? He'd have a shit hemorrhage. I can't see his friends taking him anywhere, unless they get him nice and liquored or "lifted". So the question is, how does a critic relax? Everything is a reflection of something and everything needs to be compared to something. It would drive some people insane. Anyways, enough about that.
On the other hand, what's everyone else reading out there for fun these days? Any suggestions?

xend transmissionx

“sneezing and wheezing”

  1. Blogger Glenn Says:

    Almost done Chuck Klosterman IV: A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas and its pretty good. The middle section (where there is a question before each article) is probably the best. I still have to read the last section which is a novella (or part of one anyways). Then onto Killing Yourself To Live based on your suggestion