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Let me marvel in its beauty.

Song of the Day: Scarlett Johansson - Summertime

When you go out "dancing" at a dive bar in the seedy steel city, you really don't expect to be dazzled by mu
ch. If you live another day, chances are you've succeeded expectations. Anything beyond this is a rarity saved for the selected few. The night of indie dance named "I Say Disco, You Say Punk" turned into an accidental introduction to the band PartyTank!. This fun-loving band has the a great following. The crowd comes with plastic swords and body armour shaking their clutched medieval weapons in the air to the sounds of mayhem. One dude came in a fully covered upper body metallic suit and head gear, which must have weighed a tonne. The show was hilarious in the sense that I enjoyed the music and enjoyed the crowd participation to the show. Some took it upon themselves to make it an interactive show, which turned out for the best.

As a side note, the drummer of the band was none other than Tony Jacombe from
Shallow North Dakota. I remember seeing Tony in my high school days where he and his band blew out my ears. I distinctively recall the first night I saw them where my ears suffered the worst post-show ear ache I'd ever have. Needless to say, SND rocked and rocked hard. Anyways, I'm pretty sure the rest of Partytank! are an amalgamation of other local rock bands as well. I even think the one guitarist is from SND as well.

The feel of the night was that it's still seeing people/musicians that I followed in my youth still rockin' out and having a good time. It was a good vibe for sure.

xend transmissionx

“Let me marvel in its beauty.”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    TANKS for the wicked review!!
    Trivia: The guitarist is the bassist of SND. Amaze your friends with that morsel of information. luv Biff (CE-ohhh of PARTYTANK!)