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Turn them shits up! I can't hear you!

Song of the Day: Ratatat - Nostrand

This was the first weekend of many to come in the Fall of music. I had the honour of seeing
Ratatat this weekend at Lee's Palace. These dudes are a bit of an eclectic duo that mixes rap beats and rock together to form a sound like no other. You would think in a time and age like this, Rap/Rock would would have been laid to rest like Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit or CrazyTown for that matter. So to form a band that constitutes from the surfacee something that's already been long dragged out is a bit of a risk. I mean, that was so 1999 & 2000. Stuff like that has already been played out. I'm sure we've heard the likes of rap/rock pumped through the speakers at some high school kegger or what have you. So if in 2003, the same type of experiment were to happen again, the kids would most definitely be recovering from their first rap/rock hangover. Ratatat provides a sort of twist to the equation: rap beats + rocker sensibilities. Closest hip-hop fans like myself can align to the beats and the ridiculous guitar and bass hooks from the rock world. Ratatat have been on my radar to see for two years now ever since I heard that Missy Elliot remix. These stoners rock so hard that it even makes squares like me want to drop my shoulder and dance. Though, it wasn't a pretty sight, I wasn't one to care because

  1. Concerts are usually in a dark, sweaty hall
  2. People should watching the musical acts anyways
  3. My dance moves are so subtle, you wouldn't know if I was moving or not. My legs are something riverdance would be ashamed of if Michael Flatley ever saw me
In between sets, I think Ratatat had made a custom playlist to get the crowd going and primed for their set. It was an intense half hour of sweet hip hop. I think most of the beats were of the durty South nature, synonymous to Crunken beat. Boy, did it ever get the crowd going. I thought I'd say that I'd enjoy the time between gear swaps and equipment changes as this one. It was like a really good set at a dancehall or club. At the start of the show where they were setting up their pedals, the guitarist, Mike Stroud, ripped into some serious shredding much to the delight of the gearheads around me like Tony, Matt and Kerni. I think "The Shredder" would have applauded this performance. I mean this dude could have salivated blood and it would have been just fitting for a slayer show. This dude had a scruffy beard and long greasy hair that just bursts with "I'm going to spit beer at you and you're going to like it" attitude. It was just amazing. It got me to think as to how such an rather odd couple came about to become the Ratatat of present date. Well, turns out that this Stroud dude accompanied Dashboard Confessional on tour as well as Ben Kweller. It just made sense now that a shredder like this would be a hired hand to rock stadiums and melt hearts from city to city. People got to start somewhere right? Anyways, after an awesome set, I was trippin' balls as to how good they were. Three dudes, one projector, some instruments equated to a sound of dance. Now my calves are sore and unprepared to bust-a-move to Rogue Wave - though I did.

Anyways, enjoy the first week back to school kiddies while you can and for are you grown ups out there, have yourselves a great work week.

xend transmissionx

“Turn them shits up! I can't hear you!”