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This one goes out to the Jank! - Love ya Don Juan!

Song of the Day: The Get Up Kids - Anne Arbour

After a rather dismal Thursday and and Friday afternoon, I was off to
Restoule to enjoy my 4 or so days in the Canadian wilderness. The week leading up to the long weekend was long and dragged on forever. The "mini" vacation couldn't have come at a better time. Labour Day weekend had me travel to the tropical parts of Northern Ontatrio (does the North Bay region count as Northern Ontario?). Most of the high school boys made it up there too so it was somewhat of a reunion.

Anyways, the weather was rat
her uncooperative, but the boys (plus Alex) still pulled through and had a great time. Darb lamented about how several years after our graduation day in high school that we're just as close as we were before. Given proximities and careers, we've still been able to maintain close contact throughout. Though a bit pessimistic, I really didn't count on seeing alot of high school friends with everyone doing their own thing or what have you. So this weekend was that much more special.

Yet again, we rocked it with the horse shoes and sun basking, two things I enjoy most. We also took part in a lil' 3-Man action. For those of you who have ever played this drinking game, avoid playing it with Matty Matt, as he's got some of the most insane rules ever. He single-handedly killed the game with his pandora's box of a rule. Thanks bud! The game started in English, progressed to Old English jargon, and quickly ended in Quebecois/French/grunting. I think there are some video samples circulating of the game. I even dabbled in a little "Settlers" action to much of the shigrin of Glenn for soem reason. Apparently, there's some animosity towards this game even though it was voted the 'German Game of the Year' in 1995. Who knew? The game is rather fun, but what isn't fun when hanging out with your friends - nothing!

And this just in... Here is a pic of me terrorizing the neighbouring village pillaging for lemons and grasshopper. grrrrrrrrrr......

xend transmissionx

“This one goes out to the Jank! - Love ya Don Juan!”