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"They see me mowin' my front lawn... "

Song of the Day: Weird Al Yankovic - White and Nerdy

"Weird Al Yankovic"'s new video. Download it to your iPod.

After all these years, Weird Al still has "it".

xend transmissionx

“"They see me mowin' my front lawn... "”

  1. Blogger Henry Says:

    I donno man, I had a hard time laughing at this, it had a few good lines, but I have to say, I'm disappointed in Al. Isn't this the EXACT same statement he made in 'All About the Pentiums'??? Don't get me wrong, I love Al (as evidenced by the fact that I've seen him live... twice), but I wish he would keep things fresh!


  2. Blogger .::Hung::. Says:

    I see what you mean. Weird Al has been on the gangster tip as of late. He also has a polkarama remix out that was recently uploaded on youtube


    I guess he's made it a point to poke fun of the outrageously eccentric hip hop community and their music. I'm sure he'll get back to ribbin' the celebrities of the pop genre soon enough. They just don't need as much help in making fun of them as they used to.