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She blinded me with Service

Song of the Day: Girl Talk - Once Again

Boy was I taken for a loop this morning. I was out for breakfast with Henry and we ended up at this little pub/diner just down the street from
Mac Master University. Is there a school out there that doesn't have some sort of diner-esque nook catering to meals of the breakfast variety within a five mile radius of campus? I think not. Anyways, breakfast is usually a time when you're still a bit hazy from last nights' escapades of reckless abandon. One could say that they might not be as attentative as usual the following morning when ousted out of bed in the early morning. If one ventures from his or her slumber to a public arena, one would be looking for a greasy spoon to neutralize the grumblings in the stomach and some java to perk up the senses. I tend to not really didn't pay much attention to what's going on around me. However, today was an exception to the rule.

A rather charming hostess greeted us with a toothy smile and showed us to our table. As drinks were ordered, I couldn't help but notice how efficient the service was. I ordered a coffee and within two minutes, coffee was served and orders were then taken. The waitress in question didn't seem to be in any rush either. When my food was delivered, I happen to ask for salt and pepper and not a second later it was delivered. So when we finished our meals, the waitress came and cleaned our table and asked if we wanted any coffee with us just requesting the bill. Twenty seconds later, the waitress shows up with the bill and a thermos of coffee asking if we'd like any. At this point I was confused. Maybe the coffee was kicking in and I was becoming more alert. I answered with a 'no thanks' and she smiled and walked away as if our conversation prior to that didn't exist. That's when I clued in that we were served by twins.

Henry mentioned something a
bout it, but I didn't think he was referring to our waitresses... The service was great and fast as heck. Restaurants need to hire twins to work tables. The perception of service would be greatly influenced and customer satisfaction would definitely be increase. Henry and I both didn't know what to do with the tip. Do we pretend that we didn't they were twins and tip as if only one person served us or do we add a little bit more for the both of them? What would Larry David do in this situation?

xend transmissionx

“She blinded me with Service”

  1. Blogger Henry Says:

    ya, that smile was quite toothy. and really white too, you think she uses Crest Whitestrips?

    oh, and thanks for posting a bogus link to my blog, the hits have been pouring in!