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Time Warp?!?!?

Song of the Day: The Decemberists - Here I Dreamt I was an Architect

This weekend was packed with awesomeness and a hint of sadness. Firstly, it was a bummer knowing that Glenn-o and Mike won't be at WCRI for impromptu Boston Pizza excursions anymore. Wouldn't it be funny if my picture is still in the middle booth behind the display in the bar area years from now? It'll be a while before we all get back together again. This means I'm going to have to put my lemon dance away for now. It also means that UW parking bars are now safe from harm of these two Russian/Ukrainian kids. If campus police are looking for the missing goods, check the pile near WCRI. Good luck moving that heap of woodness! It was also pretty cool to get to play soccer with my boyz before sending them off. I blame Glenn for Mike's bad knee. Isn't that how it goes? Blame Glenn for everything. Oh, and guess who holds the crown for GUESSBALL???? I do assclowns! So expect a call at the most inoppurtune moment.

Has anyone seen the gas prices lately? Driving home from the gym I couldn't help but notice a clogged artery of a major intersection around the corner from my home. The sign read "69.9". To confirm that pricing was correct, I check a neighboruing gas station which read the same thing. Can you remember the time gas was this cheap? I must have been 15 or so. Low gas prices are cool, but not when you thought you had a steal at the pumps filling at 85.2, frick! Hopefully, it lasts throughout the long weekend, as I will need tonnes of gas.

I seriously cannot wait to hit the fresh lake water and uphold my title as the Horseshoe Champion. Even though the gender ratio is skewed, but what else is new with us, it'll be a great time. Now its time to decide on what lawn chair to bring. Even with conflicting schedules, I'm glad that everyone is making a concerted effort to show up. It'll be quite the reunion of sorts.

And speaking of reunions, this weekend marked my first attendance to a stag and doe. Where else could it be but in good ole Saint T Dot. I was pretty apprehensive of going at first because it can get pretty awkward talking to some people you haven't seen in almost six years. In other aspects, it was also a reunion of 248A Cedarbrae as well (Matt, happily accepted the invite to meet up with Kerni and myself in St Thomas for a throwdown). But heck, all that is tthrown out the window as soon as the party started. Marty took care of documenting the night with some great photography (Thanks Darb). I caught up with a lot of fellow Voadenites (though, I have been told we're called Vikings - but this is my blog so just go with it) as well as some of my homies from PCI. Good times. Great sandwiches and thanks goodness for roast beef! Have you ever seen a man challenge another man to a dual a la slab of roast beef? Priceless! I've heard of other friends passing on stories of some of their memories of stags. I must admit, I've really missed out on the whole Stage and doe party circuit. These things are happenin' man! If you don't like country music, it's alright because when the clock strikes eleven, some R&B and even gangsta rap pumps from the speakers. I hear Huron county hosts some crazy stag and does. Anyways, here are some pics.

xend transmissionx

“Time Warp?!?!?”