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Note to self...

Song of the Day: Tegan and Sara - Walking with the Ghost (Rentals remix)

The weekend was great. Got to see some familiar faces that I haven't seen in a long time as well as meeting some new faces. It's too bad the summer is almost over. I should have made more of a concerted effort to visit as many friends as possible before I become a recluse for the winter months.

  • Note to self... do not wear slippers to Phils. I touched ground - eww!
  • Note to self... try not to order pizza and then pass out before it arrives
  • Note to self... don't be so overdramatic when you see a catapillar
  • Note to self... don't buy onion rings at Burger King

xend transmissionx

“Note to self...”

  1. Anonymous marcel Says:

    NO! no no no!
    you touched the floor of Phils?!

    you know that's why people still get leprosy, right?

    p.s. i'm rocking the soul patch, sans stache :)