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The life and times of an understudy.

Song of the Day: The Decemberists - Billy Liar

Ever been in a situation where you've been waiting? Waiting at the doctor's office, waiting to hear from university officials, waiting for your name to be called to get up to bat? The time stuck in the queue is excruciating. Not for a moment has a time weighed so heavily on you. Questions of your character and judgment come under fire from your biggest critic – yourself. Time eats at your mind and soul: very aggravating. Everyone goes through it and some react better than others. I most likely fall into the category of being over-analytical.

Today I spent some time searching for some old masters and moderns mp3s. I know they're out there because I once owned them. Masters and Moderns used to be a quintet of musicians from the KW area who catered to the emo styling akin to penfold or mineral. After two great years of music, they broke up in 2004 at a time where most of them were graduating university and pursuing other interests. It was too bad that the band was dated from the beginning as school was the underlying factor. I can't imagine what great music would have come out from masters and moderns if they were together today. I was also curious as to what ever happened to these guys. I used to hang out with a few of them here and there, but as time flew by everyone was doing their own thing. So as any curious cat would do, I 'googled' them.

To my surprise, after two full years, people still have much love for them. I've always thought of them as a friend's band. I even think I was at one of their first gigs in Oshawa where they unveiled their young and talented vocalist. So the thought of others knowing who they were and remembering their music is very fascinating. Could you classify this as leaving a legacy? It very well might be. I'm sure that when a band forms, the last thing they could imagine for themselves is establishing a legacy. I just think it's cool that I stumble upon blogs and myspace accounts that commemorate the works of a local band.

Oh and where are they now? Well, I happen to find this online. Take away the crunchy riffs and fast transitions, stripped down, it's still the same powerful voice. Check it out.

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“The life and times of an understudy.”

  1. Blogger matt Says:

    Yo dude... I've still got the original CDs if you wanna borrow them and turn 'em digital.