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Goodbye Redux

Song of the Day: Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams

I'm feeling pretty nostalgic lately. Ever since the romp to Manhattan, I've been stuck in in a daze of yester year. I'm partly wedged in the past because I'm trying to seek a happy place and your recollections of the past are usually of a pleasant picture. For instance, I don't think I've ever been so confident in myself as much as in my junior and senior year of high school. I felt good about myself, my work, and my life in general. The environment surrounding me had no effect on me whatsoever. I really wish I could go back to that state of mind.

So what's bothering me as of late? Well, it has to do with the whole goodbye of friends thing again. Of course, I went through this in March, but I was the one moving, I was the one leaving so I had control of the situation. But within the next upcoming weeks, some of my friends of whom I've been really close to from school are moving and pursuing their goals and dreams. With this comes the situation of proximity. Some of them are moving as far as Edmonton, Montreal, and even Vancouver. It's no longer feasible to drive a half and hour to grab a cup of joe or just hang out. It's disheartening that they're not going to be there anymore. I'm really excited for all of them as they make their mark on another milestone. Deep down, I wish I could be there right beside them.

Some things are harder to let go than others.

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“Goodbye Redux”

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