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Who would have thought...

Song of the Day: Lupe Fiasco - Kick, Push

I've been pretty much asphyxiated
on getting a Zidane World Cup Jersey ever since World Cup fever hit back in early June.It's been to the point where I troll E-Bay and several other sources for some discounted pricing. I figure the headbutt scorned many retailers from carrying such a jersey, so I'd be able to benefit from it. Zidane only had a 64% approval rating from the French public, let alone the rest of the world and the governing body of FIFA. It's my time to cash in on social trends and events that has effected our pop-culture. Unfortunately, my quest is still continuing and if anyone sees anything, let me know.

Anyways, over the weekend, a couple of the guys went to the Blue Jays vs. Yankees game Friday and were looking for a place to grab a quick drink before the Rogers Centre could gouge us for beer. As we were walking out from Wayne Gretzky's just off of Blue Jay Way, this kid was sporting a blue France jersey from this Year's World Cup team. On the left breast was an embroidered number 10 of Zindane fame, flickering underneath the sea of beaming lighting in the restaurant waiting room. As I motioned to Mike of the jersey, I commented on how lucky this kid is to bear the greatest name in soccer on his shirt. As we passed by this kid and hi
s family, I was pretty saddened. But as I popped my head up to push the entrance door open, I happen to glance back to see the jersey one more time and across the back of this kid was the letters "H-E-N-R-Y" in big bold Castellar-like font. Mike and I both made eye contact as to signal each to confirm that we were both aware of what we just saw. I thought to myself, "Does this kid even know?". A part of me wanted to stop him dead in his tracks and confront him of this heinous crime committed by some 2-bit swindler looking to cash in on the popularity of the World Cup. My hope is that this kid hits a major growth within the next few days, where the shirt becomes fitting of a tanktop for him or that the food at Gretzky's is so good that he endulges a little to much to fit into that jersey. To any effect, both Mike and I had a little laugh and I'll be a bit more cautious when shopping online for my "Zizou" jersey.

xend transmissionx

“Who would have thought...”

  1. Blogger 2.. Says:

    Hahah wow I didnt know someone still watched Baseball! There's been followers of Zidane for so long now that guy is ancient, there's probably tons of his crap all over the world like in Vietnam :) Although it might be spelt wrong as well.

    My blog is back! www.2cre8tive.ca

  2. Blogger .::Hung::. Says:

    Thu! So glad you're back online!

    I'm surprised at the turnout the Blue Jays have been getting too. For the first game I went wen to, there were + 40, 000 fans and on the Saturday game, there was a staggering +50,000 fans in attendance. The Saturday game was nuts. I'm pretty sure the ROgers Centre were sold out of 300-level tickets and only had the absolute worst seats available in the 500-section. Now since they were playing the Yankees, I'm sure many of them crept from South of the border to catch a great 4-game series.