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"My doctor said I need a backiotomy"

Song of the Day: TI - What You bout That

I think it has been some time since my last post. Lots of things have happened. First, there was this wedding I attended in the sweltering heat of the "derrtty" South. The ceremony was beautiful minus the heat. I was probably the only one who was feeling the crunch (damn temperate Canadian weather). This wedding was also an opportunity for the whole family to get together and catch up on old times. Everyone enjoyed themselves, the little cousins - I don't think they wanted to leave. My cousin/tourguide and his friends showed me a great time and on some occasions too great of a time - I'm still looking for my glasses. It's always great to get to hang with DJ Doo Doo and listen to him spit hawt fiahh. Watch out for the West Coast Mix hittin' your area soon than later.

Upon my return to Canada, there was an e-mail thread that had me going to Ottawa for Canada Day. So in a matters of two days, I was on the road again to the nation's capital to visit some old friends and party like it's 1999 (+ 7). Somehow I ended up having a great affinity for horse racing and poutine... Great times seeing Richard, Bria, Paul, and Kerni. Let's not forget the lovely Ottawa ladies. Some funny nights with memorable quotes such as "Hey Richard, do you have any hot neighbours?" or "I've always wanted to make out in the rain just to say that I've made out in the rain... Anyone want to come outside in the rain?" HAHA. The weekend couldn't have ended any better than a group photo opt at
Oh and finally, let's discuss the World Cup. If any of you have missed it, the World's largest sporting event (sorry Olympics, you take a back seat to this) took control of over 50 million television sets worldwide. Since the 1998, I've been a huge France fan, especially of the great
Zinedine Zidane. As big as a sports fan that I am, I don't think I've ever really identified with any athlete. It has always been admiration for the sport and the occasion gasp for an unbelievable highlight.

After watching the World Cup unfold, I could not stop becoming intrigued by Zidane and what he stood for. Since his heroics in 1998, Zidane has been my favourite footballer to date. As one of the greatest midfielder's of his generation, Zidane represented more than just football to me. His occasional stumble on the pitch was a direct reminder that any athlete can have a lapse and feelings/emotions can get the best of you. As I become more fascinated with "Zizou", I couldn't help but investigate why the poised French captain appealed to me so much. He isn't flashy. He does shit talking on the field with his amazing passes and command of his troops. He is mum about politics and religion with concerns of media interpretation. He's is reserved, calm, and yet very strong. As more and more
articles are circulating about his final game, I will say that it was wrong of him to do, but you have to see what that game meant to Zidane, his fans, and soccer. Never can you imagine such a storyline where a footballer voted the best player of the last 50 years to have such an ending where he is to exit the main stage a champion. The stars were there and ready to align on the eve of July 9th and ripe for his taking.

The referee was right in making his decision. It just made the Zindane finale seem that more tragic and disheartening to his fans.
Despite the events of the final, he will forever be my hero. It's pretty sad to designate a hero at this age and time, but Zidane exemplifies every struggle and hardship any immigrant can identify with. His hard work has been met with accolades as well as criticism. On the eve of his farewell party, Materazzi broke the hump on the camel's back. I can speculate what was said on the pitch on the 112th minute of the match, but be sure that Anti-rasicism groups and FIFA delegates will be looking into this incident. No matter the result, Zizou, you have provided many adoring fans, young and old, with a sense of pride, hope, and spirit. Thank you Zinedine Zidane. We will miss you.
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“"My doctor said I need a backiotomy"”