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A shocking discovery

Song of the Day: Laura Veirs - Bedroom Eyes

Plagiarism happens all the time. But when a famous band becomes so unoriginal that their songs are blatently similar a classic, something has to be said. RHCP have become everything they didn't want to be. Domesticated, drab, and dare I say it, boring. Get back to the good shit man.

EDITORIAL: A Petty Case of Red Hot Plagiarism?

I also checked out the video for RHCP's Dani California and I thought it was lame. They make fun of other famous musical outfits and then the show themselves rockin' out, bouncing across the stage like buffoons. So does this mean that they are mocking themselves or are they showing everyone that they are better than the rest? It was cool like fifteen years ago, but now its lame.

And speaking of terrible, a friend showed me just how bad K-Fed's musical taste really is. "This is a Brazilian ass shaker right here" hah! This video is pretty ahrd to find! There's so many different versions of it circulating the internet.

xend transmissionx

“A shocking discovery”

  1. Blogger Henry Says:

    K-Fed for El-presidente!!!

  2. Blogger Henry Says:

    wow that IS plagiarism, I don't think even Pancy would argue with this one. the funny thing is they copied the song, and made it worse, not better... idiots!

  3. Anonymous Mad Says:

    i've heard good things about the new RHCP but i havent really liked anything theyve done for years. it's pretty funny that that Dani California video has them dressing up as all these other pretty unique and creative acts, then once the band is in "playing as themselves" mode they're doing the same thing theyve been doing for the past 15 years. whatever.

    but, man, if you think k-fed is bad...