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The Less of Two Evils

Song of the Day: The Anniversary - Hart Crane

So after an excruciating day of struggle I tend to want to veg out. All I want to do is zone out and do nothing but stare at the pretty colours eminating from a black box about 10 ft away from my eyes. I came to the conclusion that when nothing is on, MuchMusic and MTV Canada tend to be the frontrunners in garnering my undivided attention. My question is, have you seen what's on these speciality channels at of late? Absolute garbage.... Garbage that I habitually watch... It's sickening.

MTV has been k
nown to have emphasis on its shows rahter than the music, which is fine. I knew about it prior to MTV making its way to Canadian homes. I must admit some of the shows are rather entertaining. I mean who brought us the first forms of reality television? Did the Real World not capture the essence of reality TV in 1992? MTV has really accelerated in pop-culture programming and I think it's still on top of things in that sense. Today, I happen to catch Grant Lawrence of CBC Radio 3 Fame on the Live to air segment of MTV's primetime slot. The topic was something like podcasting, so I was really interested in what questions they had for Grant. It ended up being a waste of time (for me at least and hopefully people felt the same way too). Anyways, MTV comes off at a huge tool for marketing firms to extract infromation from teens as to what will sell a few months from now. It's funny because everytime I watch a segment fo MTV with Q&A, it reminds me of that Simpsons episode where marketers overtake Springfield elementary and basically run tests on the students to marketing products.

On the other hand, MuchMusic has turned into a celebrity gossip channel where fewer videos are played and more talk is involved. And when videos are the focal point, it ends up being a show where the audience is exposed to 4 videos and voting takes place to see which one is aired. How can you watch a videos three times within thirty minutes? Punch Much? Who can I punch that is responsible for this trite? Where do i sign up? The speciality programs that do expose an audience to the cutting edge of video are aired at like 11:00pm as night or in the wee hours of the morning. Thanks MuchMusic for ruining a channel I thought was innovative and cutting edge to today's citizen. Now I get the same shit, but on two channels.

I can't win either way, but which one can I sit through without punching myself to death?

xend transmissionx

“The Less of Two Evils”