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high school bands that rock!

Song of the Day: Minus the Bear - The Pig War

Tonight marks the first impromptu night of seeing a live show in Toronto. The outing was rather successful. The show wasn't at capacity, but it was a busy place with an energetic crowd. Plastered all over the outside of the Elmocombo are posters for 20hz (kinda lame). Anyways, the Lovely Feathers rocked the house with a barrage of spastic riffs too crazy to comprehend. Music so intense that slobber was no distraction for greatness. Kerni and I had to laugh because there was soo much slobber/drool! The main event was the Spinto Band from Delaware. These kool kats look super young. I mean really young. The drummer could have been straight out of a Full House episode. These guys were like young enough to be finishing 11th grade. The thing that threw me off was there the bassist mentioned that they've played NXNE in Toronto a few years ago. Did they tour when they were like 15? And on a side note, imagine this ... You just finished another year in high school and for the summer, you travel around with your sextet rock outfit through out North American or wherever... Wouldn't that be a cool way to spend the summer?

Anyways, I heard of these dudes through the magic of myspace - a social networking giant as of late. After seeing one of the three guitarists embrace his special edition, wood finished Gibson SG, I knew I was going to be blown away (MC, you would have been jealous of this guy's axe). After the first few super catchy songs, comparisons to the Beach boys, Rooney, of Montreal and the Beattles were surfacing in my head. It had to do with the head movements and the knee/jerk maneuvers that yielded comparisons for me. The vocals were eerily reminiscent of Brian Wilson. Bonus points for these guys for incorporating a mandolin in one of their songs, which I thought was their hit single. Have a listen to "Oh Mandy" and tell me what you think. The night was capped off with a super sweet cover of the ex pop princess herself Tiffany and her hit single "I Think we're alone now". Super hot, super fun!

Up next, I try and score Band of Horses tickets at the door next Tuesday. Wish me luck!

xend transmissionx

“high school bands that rock!”

  1. Blogger matt Says:

    Those dudes (Spinto Band) are pretty good. But what's with every singer having to sound like the Shins these days? The Band of Horses dude sings the same way too...

  2. Blogger .::Hung::. Says:

    I can see the parallels with Band fo Horses sounding like the Shins. Maybe it has something to do with them being on the same label? I guess it's what's "selling" right now. Soon it'll be something else. As for thr Spinto Band, I see more resemblance to Brian Wilson than The Shins. You should chekc out the dance moves. It's a throwback Beattlemania complete doo-wops and weee-hoos.