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Song of the Day: The Chalets - No Style

For the past three days I've ransacked through every box I've packed to try and find this stupid receipt for the refueling of the 14ft cube van I rented a few weeks back. The damn truck emptied my wallet to the tune $180.00 in gas for the relocation. Granted that there were minor detours made gas was ridiculously crazy that particular. So it's either I keep on looking or I'm out $180.00...

In other news, I spent the past weekend acquiring a new cell phone. I didn't think I'd hold out on owning a cell phone for this long, but all ym friends are doing it these days and I could not be the only one without a mobile device. I basically w
anted a slim GSM phone, so that I can switch SIM cards between various phones. So here is the new addition to the collection of lint in my jacket pocket: Samsung SGH P207.

Anyways, send me a quick message if you'd like my cell number.

xend transmissionx