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"Some people say I look like David Schwimmer with Down Syndrome"

Song of the Day: Rusty - Empty Cell

Okay, so for those of you that know me, I've become a huge fan of the show Kenny vs. Spenny on Showcase Sundays at 9:30PM EST (a shameless plug). And thanks to my boy Jay-Z, I am the proud owner of Kenny vs. Spenny - Speny - Season 1 (2003). And... to add to my addiction, Matt has been able to record most of season 2 with his self-made TIVO (oh, and if Matt is reading, I'm holding you to it that WE start a band with the name a proposed today over breakfast).

Anyways, getting back to Kenny vs. Spenny... You can buy cool Kenny Swag off of his site or read up on his blog. Support the demented talent by the name of Kenny Hotz. By the way, doesn't Kenny resemble Vince Vaughn just a little bit?

Okay, so I went on a link frenzy. Oh well...

xend transmissionx

“"Some people say I look like David Schwimmer with Down Syndrome"”

  1. Blogger Kenny Says:

    thx hung!

    but just watch the canadian shows the u.s. one suck and are cut to pieces!!!!

    your pal