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In my infliction

Song of the Day: Sufjan Stevens - The Dress Looks Nice on You

Ah television... You grow up fixated on this cube angled in the corner of your livingroom as bright colours illuminated the room projecting sights and sounds of mostly a fictional world. I could honestly say that television became very unnecessary when in school, but now it has taken a whole new role. I still don't watch many shows but the few things I do enjoy have kept me pretty much sane for the past few weeks. I can see why some would plug themselves on the couch after hard days work at the office. It's so mind numbing and pleasant as it takes away from you using your brain to think about the troubles that your facing in your life. Needless to say, this was what I prescribed to myself this past week. Basically, the series called Scrubs owns me right now. Since Wednesday, I've watched the entire first season and now I'm projected to finish the second season by Tuesday night. I'm not the one who would watch a show religiously, but I think I could make an exception this time around. Move over Ghostwriter and Sesame Street, you've got company.

This weekend was also marked with high anticipation and celebration of a quarter-century of existence for one of my close friends. This would also mean that the fab three would be back together again just like old times. When you've spent some of the hardest times of your life to date with such great friends, it might be hard for someone to fathom the elation of this moment where the three of us could put everything aside and enjoy each other's company. And in true Cedarbrae fashion, I can say we all had a great time.

xend transmissionx

“In my infliction”