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break out the salami and cheese, momma!

Song of the Day: Annie - Chewing Gum

It was foolish for the Raptors to not hard foul Kobe last night when he dropped 81 on them in a game the Lakers should not have won. Now Kobe has validated himself as a legend as he solidifed himself in the record books -- doesn't impress me at all. The stat line in the game was 81 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 assists. Talk about a complete player [sarcasm]. If he was really good, his assists would be significantly higher. Let's hope his teammates realize that they are just pylons that dispense passes to Kobe as he wins a game for himself. Realize that he could score 81 points in a season, win the scoring title for the '06 season and still the Lakers won't make the playoffs. David Robinson and Wilt Chamberlin actually took their respective teams to the playoffs and were true MVPs. Let Kobe have his accolateds, he'll NEVER be a winner no matter how hard he wants it. Kobe should start his own basketball franchise where it would be just him versus a team.

I'm all about Kobe hate. Hate, hate, hate ...

xend transmissionx

“break out the salami and cheese, momma!”