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Are you Alright?

Song of the Day: Panic! At the Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies

I don't think I have ever taken so many bumps and bruises from any sport as much as I have from curling. It's only been my second time I've been playing and I've already racked up several scrapes and bruises along with a headache from smashing the back of my head to the ice. The neck is still pretty sore and I've never had so many people ask me if I was alright. I guess I commanded the attention of all the curlers as I was flat on my back from an awkward tumble. Time to look into getting a helmet and knee pads. I guess I've never really participated in any activities involving ice. I do appreciate activities that involve steadier footing. Here's a pic of my beautiful left knee:

xend transmissionx

“Are you Alright?”