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"It's yooouuu! It's really yooouuu! I remember youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Song of the Day: The Appleseed Cast - Steps and Numbers

Wow, finally got a working computer with my music library back... What a relief! For a while things were looking grim. I would have lost my Britney Spears MP3s forever. Whew! Thanks J-X. Anyways, this weekend marked another Oktoberfest weekend where students and adults alike spend excessive amounts of money of overpriced alcohol (mostly beer) and down copious amounts of sausage and schnitzel. What's so good about drinking in a hall or arena anyways? I mean the schnitzel was dry and the beer selection was lousy. You will never see me drink another Brick Lager again. It never seems to amaze me the crowd this event draws year after year. According to CKCO and the Oktoberfest chairman, attendance increased by 15% for this year's festivities. Drunkards are coming out of the woodwork with lots of disposable income to blow. Congratulations for making such an unimportant festival become the highlight of the harvest season. Did everyone forget about Thanksgiving? I guess any excuse to drink is reason enough. It was brought to my attention that Miss Oktoberfest 2005 happens to be A UW student and varsity hockey athlete, not to mention my towel girl as the gym. ooow ooow!

This weekend also brings back memories of first and second year where I spent the majority of spare time scheduling and coordinating rides & tickets for various rock shows around Southern Ontario. Usually, it was just a core of the three amigos who journeyed from one sweaty hall to another. I recall this one time where were ventured somewhere outside of the Kitchener Waterloo region to see Jimmy Eat World at the Opera House for their promotion of the pending release of Bleed American. At that time, I was totally hooked on Clarity and this was a "must go" event, even if it's smack in the middle of exams (I'm sure the microbiology final was a synch!). What made the show even more special was the appearance of Rachel Haden: one-half of the most fascinating pair of twins on earth. She happened to be singing back up for Jimmy Adkins on the records and I was so elated to see her again. The last time I saw her, she was in another band and I was 14 with a crackling voice desperately seeking salvation from the symptoms of puberty. Anyways, pictures from said show are only in film format. Boo urns to not having a scanner. You can just picture her, short dark hair with thick rimmed glasses.

Okay, so we were young and all of us had made many appearances around Ontario. You could say we earned our scene badges for attendance at that time. But at this particular show, the trio were really annoyed with one particular show attendee. Of course she made the mistake of breaking all the rules of conduct for proper show-going ettiquette. First, it started with the chain smoking, then bitching about how people were touching her, and finally the ultimate no-no: talking so loud that she drownded out the headliner during their set. Additional points were also awarded in this case because she had the most annoying voice. It was cross between that character on Friends who dated Chandler Bing and Fran Dresher. Oh and let's not forger her constant attempt at "picking up" one of the three amigos throughout the show and maybe even other shows that we happened to attend. So on the way home, the 401 Mc Donalds just outside of Cambridge was a typical stop to replenish dehydrated bodies and feast on the finest quality foods offered at 2 a.m. in the morning. With our luck, as soon as we walked in, a shrieking yell came across the hallway corridor with a shrill unmatched by any dog, horse, pony, bird or even monkey. Needless to say it came from some hybrid of a scratch from a chalk board or a tune of 1000 screaming children. As if a plethora of megaphones were all directed at the three of us, we covered our ears in terror worrying for our lives. Many a times I wake up in a cold sweat from a feverish dream with the words "It's you! It's really you. I remember yoouuuuu"! This incident has scarred me for life and haunts me to this day. And when I mean to this day, I mean TO THIS DAY. I hope that the three of us can go out for dinner sometime and reminisce about the old times. I found a perfect spot in KW where a certain waitress is more than happy to serve us :)

xend transmissionx

“"It's yooouuu! It's really yooouuu! I remember youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    I maybe have shoved money down your panties once... 

    Posted by Kristin

  2. Anonymous Anonymous Says:

    i can't believe you said that. I totally didn't hear you, but... lol 

    Posted by Anonymous