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The Heart is a lonely lonely hunter...

Song of the Day: The Anniversary - The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

So I won't call it a comeback, but more as a long hiatus with fans waiting in the wings for the last beath of Matt Sharp and the distant-sounding moog. The Rentals are back and the pants of many many fans are now soiled in excitement. Kinda ironic that the first Rentals album was called "Return of the Rentals" as if they were planning a comeback before ever releasing an album. But hooray, hoorah to that! If only Mister Robert Moog, an electronic-music pioneer who died on August 21st, aged 71 could have seen the Rentals one last time before the passed away earlier this year. Queue the synth-rock kids, we're making another ressurgence!

xend transmissionx

“The Heart is a lonely lonely hunter...”