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Eskimo kisses

Song of the Day: Iron & Wine - Cinder and Smoke

Something has to be said about the intrinsic value of companionship. The days are getting darker and the mighty wind gusts send shivering bodies to hug and cuddle with their significant others. My solution to the changing Autumn temperature was to wear sweaters. I mean, its always worked for me. Sometimes I even cheat and wear two just to be sure. As of late, I have seen a select few who have circumvented the the sweater system to accept the clutching and grabbing of the person beside them to benefit from the winds effects on surface area to volume ratio. I mean, does this not bother the person who is being grabbed? It is a rather awkward position, especially when walking to school. One would be concerned with posture and not to mention the aggravation slowing the person's cadence to benefit one's well-being. I really don't see a symbiotic communication here. If there is, it definitely does not reach Pareto efficiency and therefore not worth pursuing. If this occuring in your immediate environment, have you ever thanked the person beside you? You need to give mad props yo! If not, consider investing in a warm jacket, some earmuffs or a toque because youre broke-ass will be left in the cold pretty soon. So please, bundle up and play safe out there. Mittens and winter jackets are on sale at your nearest retail store.

This thought/observation has been brought to you by Mrs. C's raisin brownies. I don't know what's in them [she said they were raisins], but [Martin Lawrence accent] Daaaaaaaaaamn Gina! I've been trippin' balls ever since. So so good! Brownie, brownie, brownie...

xend transmissionx

“Eskimo kisses”