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I only knew you in a dream

Song of the Day: Of Montreal - Disconnect the Dots

The topic of conversation at breakfast today was September 11. I don't think I've heard of seen anything from the media referencing the horrid acts of violence that happened not too long ago. How quickly the media forgets...

Kind of a remeniscing weekend for me. Met some good friends from first year at Hess. It was good catching up with G-ram and Page., though G-Ram was too busy mackin' on turquoise tube top girl (you know you wanted her man, hehe). Another fun encounter was running into Jen-21 at a department store. There seems to be more and more people moving back to the KW. It's always great to see and catch up with everyone even if we we're in the middle of running errands all day:) It's nice to hear that everyone is doing well and starting their careers. Kudos!

Oh, and finally it's in my possession - Undeclared box set. Heck Yes! Karpie, Ron, Marshall... That's like hours of laughs. Only took like 2 weeks to locate one that was actually on store shelves... Kinda reminds me of my first year. Everyone had a Lloyd they knew from first year. This is totally worth watching. Two thumbs northward!

Upcoming this next weekend, the bachelor party in Niagara. Let's keep 'er clean boyz!

xend transmissionx

“I only knew you in a dream”