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dude, we can totally touch from front and back!!!

Song of the Day: Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah: The Skin of my Yellow Country Teeth

I never knew bachelor parties could be so fun! It was great hanging out with the boyz again and causing a ruckus in Niagara. The nine of us terrorized the shit outta that port city. Special thanks goes out to Johny (a.k.a. the best man) for constantly hounding us with emailing of planned events etc... I don't think I will be eating at the Keg anytime soon OR shopping for souvenirs anywhere for that matter. Who says the boyz from St. Thomas don't know how to have fun? Here are some pictures that were reviewed for a PG-13 crowd before posting. There so many more images that are just aren't suited for the blogging public ...

1. Kerni swallowing a foriegn substance
2. The man of the hour - Brad
3. me and a shot of Robitussin
4. Puddly and myself
5. Fallsview casino limo (Lumley getting fresh with me)

xend transmissonx

“dude, we can totally touch from front and back!!!”

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