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she's only a google search away...

Song of the Day: No Doubt - Simple Kind of Life

It's feels so good the get away from suburbia once and a while. You end up discovering more of what life has to offer outside of a bleek grey cubicle walls and the clicky clack of the keyboards and chatter. Thanks to Jasmine and Co. for showing me a lovely time. Being a great host will be most righteously returned. As the night wore on, my friends and I commented on how we can't escape our disdain for Waterloo. Rightfully so, as the topic of conversation veers to shampoo, in walks a crowd of familiar faces a typical science lab. Go figure...

This night marks the first of many visitations to Ontario's captial this summer. I totally need to immerse myself into bright lights, bright eyes, beautiful skylines more often. Let's make this a summer I won't forget shall we?

xend transmissionx

“she's only a google search away...”