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mother, mother ...

Song of the Day: The Cardigans- Lovefool

If any of you sent a e-card to your mother for Mothers Day, shame on you! I decided to make the trek home to spent some QT with the raddest mom ever! Who wants to challenge me on this? I think my mom would win in a cage match. She's feisty!

Mothers Day was great! My mom rules. How can I forget mothers Day when I was traumatized as a teen with a memory like this. I remember the one Mothers Day when my birthday coincided with Mother's Day, where I took her out for dinner. She wanted to try a bloody Caesar because she likes V8. Well, after our meal, we went our separate ways where I was to meet her at the car. After like five minutes in the car, a restaurant patron was at my window asking me to return into the store. Low and behold, my mother was passed out in the hallway! Other families who were waiting in line to get seated surrounded my mother as she was sprawling on the floor, blocking the hallway. At the time it was a serious deal because I had no clue what had happened. After a rushed drive in an ambulance to the local hospital, doctors informed me she was in stable condition. When asked about the cause of my mother's situation, the doctor replied with "Your mother was just intoxicated. How much did she have to drink?". Haha, the best birthday/Mother's Day present ever! My mom was loaded after one Bloody Caesar! Let's just say, we'll never be visiting that restaurant again! When reminded of the story, my mother and I spent about a half and hour laughing. Just one of those classic moments!

This year's events didn't quite top that one Mothers Day, but I did enjoy myself. What can I say, the weather was great and I got to see everyone I wanted to see. Good friends, good times ... Does that sound like a Keg commercial?

xend transmissionx

“mother, mother ...”