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"Be a Man!" - Russell Peters

Song of the Day: Coldplay - Don't Panic

Due to some recent random visitations to the fine city of Cambridge, I have come upon a great music store:
Long & McQuade. I mean, I've been to several famous instrument outlets in the GTA, but this location takes the cake. I great selection of all kinds of instruments and what have you. What I have been eyeing for the last few months is a new acoustic guitar. I found a home for my refurbished guitar, so I guess it's time to court a new 'toy'. So here it is, the new interest in my mudayne self-absorbed life: the Seagull M6 Cedar GT. Isn't she a beaut? External pressures keep forcing to buy now, but I think I would like to do some waiting to see if it's what I need right now or if I can make due without this rather 'pricey' expense. As my mother says, "You need to save now for the ever-existent rainy day". That's probably the best Vietnamese translation I could pull off.

On another note, sometimes a joke can be very effective in conveying a message. After a great conversation with a close friend who's been through what my current predicament, he's given me some great insight to troubled times. So thanks Dallas. I appreciate all your words of encouragement and enlightenment throughout the years. It's always good to get a second opinion on things without all the uneasy looks and gestures. I mean if someone is coming to you to ask a question, 99% of the time it's because they don't know themselves. So we can all make due without all the nonsense.

"Dallas and myself in 2002 thumbin' things bigtime!"

xend transmissionx

“"Be a Man!" - Russell Peters”