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The Australian accent...

Song of the Day: Daphne Love Derby - Hopeless Love

Can't wait till this long weekend. I'll finally be able to get my shit together and move the essentials to Waterloo from home. I miss my comfy earbud headphones. After about an hour with the regualr ipod earbuds, my head really hurts. I've been watching so many movies with the new roomie as of late. For some reason, Nicole Kidman movies are the house favorite right now. And I don't think any of the movies were blockbusters either. Let's see ...

The interpreter - Silvia Broome
The Hours - Virginia Woolfe
Birthday Girl - Nadia

All were pretty weird. It's finally good to have some spare time to enjoy movies that have been made over the past few years. Finally, I can relax (let's hope so).

xend transmissionx

“The Australian accent...”