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A Salute and Farewell to you Mrs. Lobb...

Song of the Day: The Stills - Yesterday Never Tomorrrow

Some things last forever

I hope this lasts forever

Nothing lasts forever
Why can't this last forever ?

Since living in Renison College my first year in University, I can say that for the most part, we've all kept in touch. And from these wonderful couple of years, I was fortunate to meet some truly great people who've made my experiences throughout university that much more memorable. So this past weekend, I attended the wedding of Kerri Lobb; the third wedding involving students of Rension 2000. Kerri, aka K-Lo, is one of my favourite Renison kids ever! Meeting Kerri and becoming close friends with her will be forever cherished. What really saddens me is the fact that she's moving to Scotland in a few weeks. The wedding was simple with emphasis on fun; typical K-Lo fashion! Everyone had a great time. As for me, this celebration was somewhat bittersweet. I definitely had mixed feelings on the situation and my heart wasn't totally into the party. The past seems to always haunt me. Regardless, here are some sloppy drunken pictures of the celebration:

L to R: Renison gang 2005, Alex tweeking my nipple, Kerri taught me how to kiss

L to R: grinding the bride?!?, bride and groom, She gets a bit freaky when Prince is playing

There is no doubt in my mind that Roddy just might be the luckiest guy on earth. I know many hearts across Canada were crushed by the news of her marriage (sorry Craig, Doug, Dan, ...). And since he's taking her back to Scotland, alot of people, including myself, are very disappointed in losing such a great friend. Let us never forget the past and embrace the future. I await the day our paths cross again. Ms. Lobb-Pennycook, this kid is forever in your debt.

xend transmissionx

“A Salute and Farewell to you Mrs. Lobb...”