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livin' fo tha sitay!

Song of the Day: Rainer Maria - Artificial Light

So I went to Toronto Tuesday night to check out the Arcade Fire. I been wanting to see them for a while, since Matt tried to convince me to go, but I had a night class. Anywho, the Montreal octet didn't disappoint and neither did their openers: Wolf Parade and Final Fantasy. Owen Pallet of Final Fantasy and the Arcade Fire is a genious. I thought looping of violins would get tiring, but it totally kept my ears attentitive with his different techniques he would use to orchestrate a sound or mood to a song. Also, who would have thought an indie outfit like Final Fantasy would cover a Mariah Caray's Fantasy and totally pull it off with great sucess?

On a side note, I recognized a trio of U-Dubbers there and one of them was kicked out for sneaking in alcohol or weed (pick your poison). Funny and sad at the same time. I think they were the guys you'd see at the turnkey if I do recall.

Overall, good times I'd say, good times...

xend transmissionx

“livin' fo tha sitay!”