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I don't give a, WHAT!

Song of the Day: Alexisonfire - No Transitory

Man, I am going IN-SANE. The DP is driving me up the wall! Seriously, I like the pressures of exams. The actual writing of the exam, not so much, but the days and even weeks of preparation leading the 3 hours of judgment. It shows your determination, heart, grit and drive. All of which helped you get to where you are today. It's truly a time where you can put your social problems aside and focus on the goal of doing the best you can.

Every examination period, I tend to meet new people in the most obscure circumstances. I guess we all need to stop from the cramming once and a while and look at all the studious people surrounding out. This is about the time where I wonder, "Hey, what's that kid's story or hey, what's up with that girl? I'm interested in getting to know her"? I can basically trace most of the people I hang out to meeting in some sort of studying scenario. Some great friends forged in a common setting as studying. I'm totally going to miss the midnight coffee runs, the stick note fights, random smiles from people as they notice the drool on the side of your face from a serious nap session. But who can forget the ever ingrained symbols of eternity scribbled on the desk:

"M.T. + S.S. = forever" or Michael Smith and Tanya Stevens = BFF (we've all seen it)

All the subtle things I'm going to miss. I need to stop reminiscing now. I need to graduate first or else, I won't get the chance to reminisce. As for now, I want to have my own declaration publicly known by everyone:

Hung Vo + U Waterloo = will truly miss.

Anyways, need to study...

By the way, if you read this and are in the KW area on Friday, my roomies and I are having a free kegger. I'd love ot see everyone there. Just haven't had the chance to send out a mass email yet.

xend transmissionx

“I don't give a, WHAT!”