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DC's in the house jump jump rejoice!

Song of the Day: Iron and Wine - Naked as We Came

picture of the Davis Centre Library Today, I tried studying at the DC library (a.k.a. Club DC). The alias is for its appeal to singles to check out what UW has to offer in terms of candy. I really get dressed up to go there. I mean this place a jammed with students and now open twenty four hours for late night studiers. People go there just to socialize and check out girls and guys. It's a meat market. If the DC was a pimp, it'd make tonnes of money! Though I confess, nothing is more attractive than seeing a girl study and there's a plenty of that going on here. Studious girls drives me insane. Needless to say, I could never get any work done there. I don't know what your most prominent memories of University of Waterloo will be, but I can assure you everyone has a great story of the DC, whether positive or negative. Some great conversations, forged friendships, and babe scopin' went down over the years (and maybe even today).

By the way, want to see the majority of photos taken of me in the past five to six years? Click here: (photo-sensitizes). It's amazing what I do instead of studying.

[EDIT] This just in, I thought I had too much time on my hands, check out these UWers and what they do with their free time. lol

xend transmissionx

“DC's in the house jump jump rejoice!”