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Damn Excited Again!

Song of the Day: The Inflation Kills - When Clones Come

I don't get this feeling alot, but I was witness to another spectacular how tonight at the UW grad house (twice in a month). This show included the likes of Canada's finest (the inflation kills, from fiction, silent film soundtrack). I was particularly blown away by the inflation kills quintet. To be honest, I just wanted to catch from fiction terrorize the grad house, which they did, and head back to the beautiful Davis Centre Library. But holy Jeebus, I haven't threw it down like this in ages. They seriously rocked! Super tight! The second coming of Kitchens and Bathrooms was amazing! Totally worth attending (their CD release party in Hamilton on April the 9th, go). Overall, the show was great. I loved it, and lived it.

As for other shit, exam mode has begun and the kids in the DC started bringing in their kettles and blankets. I for one have noticed my coffee consumption increasing by the hour. I think I slam about 4 cups a day in hope of prizes. I've been hastily reading away at biotech in hopes of keeping up to date, but I don;t think it will happen. Damn pathways, enzymes, and transformations! Let's hope this will be a painless 3 weeks to come.

Normally, this is where I would end this entry, but as I mentioned earlier, I drank too much coffee today for my own good. So the babble continues...

Oh, OK interesting story, I woke up this morning to the sounds of the house inspector knocking at our door. Anyways, I ran out of the house to leave. As I reached to open the door, I heard a series high-pitched shrieks. To my amazement, beside my foot was a bat whose wings were stuck in the mud. At any other time of day, this encounter would have been intense. It's just that I'm not a morning person. Most definitely a bad omen. Let's hope the inspector didn't see or hear this vocal bat, though I doubt it.

xend transmissionx

“Damn Excited Again!”