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Anxious Arms

Song of the Day: Dashboard Confessional - the Best Deceptions

So what's better than getting a job offer at the Microsoft Head Office in Redemond WA?

Getting two job offers and sticking it to your ex-employer for not hiring you. I've known about this for a while now, but finally had some time to let it out. So as you might not have noticed, I'm pretty happy and bitter about this. Canada has lost yet another great mind State-side because Canada is yet again apprehensive in laxing government regulations in taking a chance on one Canada's talent. I'm pretty apprenhsive on Canada's hiring practicies as well. How does technology Canada assess experience with respect to technological accumen? For my friend, this was a blessing in disguise. I don't know who is more fitting than him to work for an uber geek like Gates. I wish you all the success Tim and Danielle. At least I'll have a place to crash on the
left coast.

Running total of three people leaving me. It only gets worse from here...

xend transmissionx

“Anxious Arms”